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2023 AKADi Magazine highlights

Updated: Jan 2

2023 was another year of firsts for us at the AKADi Magazine team. We have identified our top six and share our breakdown from engagement on our podcast platform.

1.Ghanaians in honours list

We hit the ground running in January, with our blog article identifying seven people with Ghanaian heritage receiving honours from the King in his New Year's list.

Image credit: Lesley Lokko
Image credit: Lesley Lokko

2. Love your Mother Tongue campaign

For the second year running, we launched our International Mother Language campaign designed to coincide with the international February campaign. In 2023, we encouraged Ghanaians to speak in their home language and explain why they love speaking their Mother Tongue.

3. Ghanaian hero wins American award

In March, we profiled Gabriel Asante. At the time, Gabby was a Ghanaian PhD student and a past president of the Ghana Students Association in Hungary. Through his leadership, he helped over 1,000 students flee war-torn Ukraine, has been named winner of the 2023 African Hero's Award in the USA.

Image credit: Gabriel Asante

He told us that our interview with him and some of the students he was able to help contributed to him winning the award.

4. Interviewing a broadcasting legend

We finally tracked down the legendary broadcaster Mike Eghan, who in the late 60s presented a radio show at the BBC.

It was one of our most exciting interviews and we were even lucky enough to bag a copy of his out-of-print autobiography: 'The "emperor's" Story: From the Centre of the World.'

5. Rubbing shoulders with African writers

We got participate in the 2023 African Writes literature festival and were able to list some of our favourite Ghanaian authors in their September newsletter.

Blitz Bazawule and Abena Serwaa. Image copyright: AKADi Magazine
Blitz Bazawule and Abena Sεwaa. Image copyright: AKADi Magazine

We also go to meet and interview film director, musician, and writer Blitz Bazawule, who recently dropped his musical version of 'The Color Purple'.

We got to interview him about his debut book: 'The Scent of Burnt Flowers.

6. Best Ghanaian Podcast

FeedSpot, a podcaster database, ranked our podcast in the top five out of 15 in the list of the 'best Ghana podcasts' to listen to.

We launched our podcast platform AKADi Magazine's 'Connecting Communities' platform in July 2021 with an interview with clean air campaigner Rosamund Adoo-Kissi-Debrah.

We started out publishing one issue a month and have graduated to two a month in 2023. We share some of the highlights from our year.

Bi-weekly boss

We published 24 episodes this year meaning we averaged two episodes per month.


Listeners in 27 countries downloaded our episodes. The top five countries of 2023 were the UK, USA, Ghana, Germany and Canada.

Most popular city

The most popular city where listeners downloaded episodes was Accra followed by Manchester, Frankfurt, King of Prussia – a suburb in Pennsylvania, and London.

Top 5 episodes

To date, you’ve collectively downloaded our content over 1.4k times

Thank you for all your support.


Listen to all of our podcasts here:

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