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Finding healing from trauma: in conversation with author Marie-Claire Amuah

Marie-Claire is the author of ‘One For Sorrow, Two For Joy’ - a book that explores the impact of unresolved childhood trauma in adult life.

When we first meet Stella, she’s an eight-year-old girl who lives with her mum, dad and older brother Sol.

Stella is a bright young girl, loved by her friends and teacher Ms Wilks. But at home she is considered insolent by her father and experiences physical and mental abuse at his hands. So does her mum but her brother does not.

In the first in this two-part episode, we speak with Marie-Claire and explore the journey from trauma, to healing through the power of friendships and self-love.

And in the second segment of this two-part episode, Marie-Claire talks about her writing process and gives us a sneak peek into her second book.

She wrote the book during the COVID-19 pandemic and recalls writing  54,000 words in two months, which she describes as "unnaturally fast". 

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