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The Rescue: Helping students fleeing Ukraine

Updated: Nov 26, 2023

Since the beginning of March 2022, we have been sharing the experiences of Ghanaians either fleeing for safety from Ukraine or working to rescue students in the warn-torn country.

We feature all their stories on our podcast: AKADi Magazine: Connecting Communities Podcast.

You will hear the voices of six Ghanaians - three who were part of the rescue mission and three that escaped from Ukraine.

The final/six voice comes from medical student Karina who explains why it is not easy for overseas students like her to return back home when she and her family struggled financially to get her to Europe.

Become a member of our exclusive podcast community here for a donation or small monthly fee to hear Karina's full story.

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To listen to more content like this, visit our monthly AKADi Magazine Connecting Communities Podcast , listen to all of our podcasts here:

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