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The Poetivist on The Bookplate

Updated: Dec 19, 2021

Join us on Sunday 3rd January at 4pm Ghana/U.K. time for our second Bookplate IGLive on @IGLive.

Click the image below to watch the live.

This Bookplate segment is hosted by Rhodelle and will feature Poetivist who combines his poetry with activism.

You can learn more about Poetivist in our third issue - ‘Year of Return & Beyond’.

And check our previous Bookplate IGLive with author Frances Mensah Williams.

You can watch our other Bookplate Instagram Lives here:

Bookplate 1: Frances Mensah Williams

Bookplate 2: Poetivist

Bookplate 3: Samuel Narh

Bookplate 4: Comfort Arthur

Bookplate 5: Blakofe

Bookplate 6: Abena Eyeson

Bookplate 7: Dela Dogbey

Bookplate 8: Celebrating Ghanaian Classics

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