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Green Ghana - issue 4 is out!

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

The summer edition of AKADi is out and features articles from Ghanaians in the Motherland and diaspora about how they are shaping, promoting and transforming views on sustainability in Ghana.

In this issue hear from activist groups Eco-Conscious Citizens Ghana and A Rocha Ghana that are challenging the government’s plans for a state-run Chinese business to explore for bauxite in the Atewa Range Forest Reserve.

The deal is expected to finance $2 billion worth of rail, road and bridge networks for Ghana, according to CNBC.

Do read up more about the forest reserve and if you would like to support the cause, use the hashtag #protectourforestsandwaters to let Ghana President Akufo-Addo know via Twitter and Instagram @NAkufoAddo

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We speak to fashion brands Gutta Soles, HAUS OF YBA and Ekua Addo about their collaborations with communities, use of technology and their drive to achieving sustainability.

We also explore the growth of greenhouse farming in Ghana and one NGO’s efforts to develop water conservation solutions for Ghanaians.

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