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Meet our 'Green Ghana' competition winner

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

A month ago, we invited you to submit your best poem about environmentalism in Ghana. The winner will be featured in our fourth magazine issue titled 'Green Ghana' in June.

We had some strong entries from some talented poets but after careful consideration, we have picked a winner.

Her name is Eileen Gbagbo and her poem is entitled:

What can we do?

Today, I will write for the Earth,

These will be the saddest lines,

Because today my family cannot breathe.

My daughter’s water is polluted,

And my father’s forest is burning.

I will cry for the Earth

Because each teardrop

Is vulnerability in resistance –

Illuminating histories of exploitation,

incarceration for profit,

and commodities for economies.

Pray for Atewa, Akosombo and Tano!

Respect Asase ye duru.

Because our Earth has weight

It is the gold that sustains our lungs,

Perpetually connecting our borders.

So, join me –

Because we can bring our economies back to life,

But not the Earth.

© Eileen Gbagbo 2020

Eileen is a final year International Relations student and the 2020-21 Education Officer at the London university LSE. She is passionate about journalism and creative writing, and has contributed to several publications including as gal-dem and The Republic, exploring race and activism.

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