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Multi-award-winning vodka drink tickles taste buds in Accra

A multi-award-winning alcoholic vodka drink that founders hope will win over Ghanaian taste buds made its debut at a new bar in Accra last weekend.

Blackleaf - a premium and organic vodka brand – was developed in France by Ghanaian-American entrepreneur Kevin Larkai and his African-American co-founder Monte Burrows.

Guests at the Relish café and listening bar in Osu, were invited to sample cocktails featuring the spirit during a tasting session on 29 June.

Kevin told AKADi Magazine that the hope was to gauge guests interest in the alcoholic beverage and explore other African markets, including Nigeria – moving forward.

The Blackleaf vodka brand, which was first launched in 2019, uses the black colour to celebrate sophistication and the pursuit of excellence, while the leaf represents organic purity.

The drink is created in the French town of Cognac, and although France is more traditionally known for wine and cognac, interest is growing for vodka.

Blackleaf vodka is created with certified organic winter wheat from Normandie in northern France, and uses spring water, which is filtered through champagne limestone.

The vodka goes through a five-stage copper pot artisanal distillation through a partnership with a fifth generation Cognac distilling company led by Bertrand Laclie.

Distillation is designed to remove sulphur compounds and contribute to the smoothness of the vodka.

The alcoholic beverage is described on Blackleaf’s website as having a ‘satiny mouthfeel and sophisticated hints of peppercorn, nut, and spiced pear [that] starts sweet and ends with a silky smooth finish.’

Members of the AKADi Magazine team went along to the taster session to decide for themselves.

There were four cocktails to sample: Black Excellence, Blacklef Kombucha, Topspice and Ritualberry.

Our roving reporter Rhoda Korley-Owu sampled Black Excellence which contained Blackleaf organic vodka, simple syrup, Yuzu puree and a pinch of activated charcoal power. She said she liked the smoothness of the drink.

Meanwhile, Cindy Madjitey sampled Ritualberry, which contained Blackleaf organic vodka, homemade raspberry and beetroot puree, cranberry juice, and mint leaves.

She said that unlike other vodkas that make her teeth cringe, this one did not and tasted good.

Blackleaf has scooped several industry awards and prides itself on its sustainability credentials, which includes using packaging prints with organic ink, and using less glass.

Prices for the drink start at $32 for a 750ml bottle, according to the company’s


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