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Year in Review 2021


We had the pleasure of chatting with Poetivist on the Bookplate with host Rhoda Korley-Owu.

Poetivist combines incisive poetry with activism and has been a huge supporter of AKADi Magazine.

He was featured in our ‘Year of Return & Beyond’ issue no:3, and joined Kai Lutterodt and Franka-Maria Andoh at Ghanaian literary event Pa Gya! 2020.

He ended the year with us again on the Bookplate. Check our links in the bio to watch him on the Bookplate and read about him in our fourth issue.

Check the video to see him in action at Pa Gya!


We chatted with Dr Seth Appiah-Kubi, the national director of A Rocha Ghana about the future of Atewa Forest Reserve.

The Forest is slated to be mined for bauxite by the Chinese in exchange for a transport network to Tamale.

Atewa is the greater part of the lungs of Ghana, Dr Seth Appiah-Kubi told us during our conversation on IG Live.

Check out our blog and read more about Atewa Forest in our ‘Green Ghana’ issue 4.


We featured Helen Debrah Ampofo as our Ghanaian in Dubai.

Our aim is to find at least one Ghanaian in each of the 195 designed UN countries across the globe. Read Helen’s story and others on our website.

A massive THANK YOU to all the Ghanaians that agreed to share their stories with us.

If you’d like to be featured, send us an email:


After learning that Britain has the highest number of Ghanaians in government outside Ghana, we had to profile them.

Among the five, we gained exclusive interviews with Abena Oppong Asare MP and Bell Ribeiro-Addy who was interviewed by Afua Gbagbo.

The issue was also a chance for us to speak with Ghanaians in other areas of politics.

They included Mayor of Luton and Councillor Maria Lovell, Councillor Franklin Owusu-Antwi and Councillor Anita Boateng.

IN MAY 2021

We blogged about guitar maestro Kyekyeku, his band - The Super Opong Stars - and their campaign to fundraise towards their forthcoming album.

You may recognise their sound in our podcast - Connecting Communities - AKADi Magazine which features an snippet exclusive re-recorded for AKADi Magazine.

And if you’re interested in Highlife, check out the video snippet with Kyekyeku and Volta45 from the Highlife Music Deconstructed Series.

HMDSeries is a collaboration between the GoldenStool Project, InHeights27 and AKADi Magazine.

IN JUNE 2021

We learnt more about the threat that air pollution can have on our health and the health of our children.

Rosamund Addo-Kissi-Debra explained how - following the death of her nine-year-old daughter Ella - she began campaigning in London to clean up our air.

We published the first episode with Rosamund in July on our podcast platform.

IN JULY 2021

We opened our first room on Clubhouse and invited you all to discuss the importance of knowing your Mother Tongue.

We followed up in August with another looking at the impact of migration on children with special guest and writer Abena Eyeson.


We published our first podcast in July but officially launched our podcast channel: AKADi Magazine Podcast.

Our aim is to bring those voices from our communities a little closer to you.

We even launched our seventh issue the ‘Identity Issue’ on the platform.


We teamed up with two Black businesses to stage our first live event on the history of Black hair and hair well-being.

The event launched on 9 October but we were working hard getting it just right over September.

The event was a collaboration with @ukbidii and event founder of Afiakos @fmmpopup


We published our Identity issue (edition seven) entitled ‘What does being Ghanaian mean to you?’

This issue was designed to challenge the perceptions we have about our identity and learn about the experiences of others.


We remembered those living and passed that contributed to the various world war efforts.

We spoke to Selena Carty, founder of Black Poppy Rose.

Her organisation spotlights the contributions of African, Black, Caribbean, Pacific Island and Indigenous communities to the war effort.


We celebrated the men and women who left their homes to support Britain’s National Health Service.

One of them is my mum Joana who left Ghana to carve a career in nursing. Her legacy was celebrated in the form of wall art in her home city in England.


To listen to more content like this, visit our monthly AKADi Magazine Connecting Communities Podcast , listen to all of our podcasts here:

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