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Year in Review 2023 (January-June)

Updated: Jan 16

It's been an eventful six months at AKADi Magazine HQ with many milestones, lessons and adventures.

This year, as well as looking at what we've achieved (see our forthcoming blog on 31 January), we wanted to see what stories linked to Ghana and Ghanaians got you talking this year.

We will be updating this page throughout this month, outlining the 2023 highlights.


News that Savile Row designer Ozwald Boateng OBE has designed a new uniform range for British Airways flight staff got you talking. We captured the story on our IG and also your comments inlcuding this one from author Frances Mensah Williams.

You can read the full story on Business Traveller.


Seven NGOs and their networks numbering over 90 individual NGOs and four private citizens sued the Government of Ghana in February over the intended plan to mine for bauxite in the Atewa Forest Reserve.

Organisations including A Rocha Ghana have been very vocal about the environmental harm these actions would have on the forest, its ecosystems and the neighbouring communities that depend on its water supply. Find out more here.

You also signalled your views on this matter. Find out more about the Atewa Forest Reserve here.


As well as marking the independence of the Republic of Ghana, we celebrated the third edition of World Highlife Day by marking one of the genre's iconic performers - Pat Thomas. This is a snapshot of what you said but to read all the comments, click here.

Our synopsis after seeing Pat Thomas live below.


There are more Ghanaian nurses working in the NHS than in Ghana, raising concerns about health worker shortage in the west African country, the Voice Newspaper wrote in an exclusive article.

A House of Commons report has found more than 3,000 health professionals had left Ghana for the UK in each of the three years to 2021. Some of you shared your thoughts.

Since sharing the post, we found the following data.

According to 2023 data from Ghana Statistica, the number of staff recruited to the public health sector in Ghana in 2020, that were nurses were approximately 43k. We are not sure that the 'shock headline' fits the story based on these figures.


In the same month that millions watched the King's coronation from the TV, the Asantehene was part of the selected few to see proceedings in the flesh.

He also used the opportunity to renew calls for the return of looted Asante items currently housed in the British Museum, as reported on by the BBC here.

Since this May 2023 post, we've been following developments linked to the return of African artefacts. You can read/ watch more about the progress here.


In June, we went to see 'Ampe: Leap in the Sky, Black Girl' at the Flatpack Film Festival in Birmingham and got to see ampe played live by members of the Ghana Union Greater Birmingham Association.

We got to interview Theresa from the Ghana Union and also the filmmakers behind the film.

Here's what you thought of our posts.

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