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Year in Review (July-December)

Updated: Jan 16

The period between July and December was an eventful six months at AKADi Magazine HQ with many milestones, lessons and adventures.


In July, we shared our interview with Maxwell Ayamba MBE is a PhD research student in Black Studies at the Department of American & Canadian Studies at the University of Nottingham.

His research explores the trajectory of 'race' ecology and environmental justice in the UK.

We will be updating the rest of 2023 in our following post - coming soon.


In August, we returned to celebrate Highlife for a second time in 2023 with a tribute to Kakaiku's Band.

This post brought back happy memories for some of you.


In September, lack of maintenance, a termite infestation and years of persistent rains resulted in the collapse of one of Ghana’s last Sudano-Sahelian style mosque. 

The Bole Mosque is located in the centre of  Bole in the West Gonja District in the Savannah Region.  Blogger highlighted the story, which got us all talking. 



We were surprised at how many companies with Ghanaian names are owned by non-Ghanaians. We made a list which got you talking.


We stumbled on this video showing Eve who speaks eight languages including Twi. We asked you which languages you speak and this is what you told us.

Now it's your turn. Tell us what your 2023 highlights were.

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