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Back to the Motherland documentary is online

British-Ghanaian director Pamela Sakyi of Sparklelight Productions has released her second documentary about Ghanaians in the Diaspora and Motherland.

It is available online via and explores a growing trend for Ghanaians and people of Ghanaian descent to return home.

She speaks to some of us who have made the move to find out about our journeys and experiences.

The documentary was endorsed by the Year of Return committee and is now available to watch online. Check out the trailer on YouTube or stream the complete documentary via her company.

Her first documentary British Ghanaians: Lost in Translation featured prominent Ghanaians including Lord Boateng (the first Ghanaian to become an MP in Britain in 1987) and was hosted by British-Ghanaian-Nigerian Ortis Deley.

It explores a major challenge in the Diaspora and increasingly in our homeland where our national languages are not being passed on properly or at all to the next generation.

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