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Updated: Apr 2, 2020

One of the aims behind the AKADi Magazine is to collaborate with African/Black small and medium-sized businesses that are looking to grow their visibility within our various communities.


One way we aim to achieve that is through partnership and AKADi has various ways this can be achieved.

Advertise in the magazine

Get your message across in an advert or a series of adverts that will feature in the PDF and digital versions of this free-to-access quarterly magazine.

Collaborate with us

We can help your products or services reach a wider audience by connecting you to our communities via our social media platforms. Let us craft posts that will engage followers on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Donate a product or service

We help you promote your product or service over a limited period in exchange for a free product or service.

We have worked with Ekua Addo, Very Puzzled, Chambo Goto, TylisWoman, iCollective and Sassy Apparel.

Get in touch

If you would like to join them, email us at

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