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5 hubs to learn a Ghanaian language

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

Asiedu Tech is jumping online on Thursday 13 August to show Ghanaian language teachers, students and translators how to incorporate its Ghanaian language keyboard into their learning and teaching. Their keyboard features characters in Ghanaian languages that aim to make learning and teaching the languages easier. Visit the company to learn more.

The Ghanaian Language School (GLS), part of the Neo Native Group, rolls out its interactive online courses from August in Twi, Ga, Fante and Ewe. GLS offers evening and weekend courses and private tuition. These courses are offered over 10 weeks at one day a week. Find out more

Lingua 54 has rolled out Ga to its language portfolio. It already offers Twi and Fante. This company offers small class, allows you to customise your schedule, learn at your own pace and review your progress and rate your class. Visit for more.

Want to brush up your pronunication? Join Speak Twi share interactive posts in Asante Twi @speaktwi to help you get your tongue those tricky words.

Project 1957 offers online conversational sessions in Twi and Ga with informal group sessions that allow you to construct sentences and improve intonation as well as sharpening your listening skills. Find out more @project1957

If you are interested in the topic of language, check out our interview with Pamela Sakyi in AKADi Issue 2 here.

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