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How local is your language

Updated: Jul 9, 2021

How many times have you or someone you know referred to your Mother Tongue as 'local'?

We explore what defines the use of the term on Clubhouse this Friday 9th July and ask if it is dependent on how many people speak the language or your proximity to it.

Join us at 6pm BST here to share your view and hear from guest speakers Kofi Asiedu-Berchie, director of The AiST Universal Keyboard Series. His keyboards allow you to write using African characters/letters.

Also joining us will be Pamela Sakyi, documentary film-maker, producer and director of British Ghanaians - Lost in Translation.

To keep reading, check out our interview with Pamela Sakyi and read more about AiST here.

And if you want to learn a Ghanaian language, here are five hubs where you can start.


Language Endangerment

Language preservation

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