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Profile: Twi Learning Center Ghana

Updated: Feb 7

To mark International Motherland Language Day on 21 February, we are inviting people fluent or learning a Ghanaian language to tell us why they love speaking their language.

We showcase some of the Ghanaian language learning organisations we are working with to promote this important initiative.

Introducing the Twi Learning Center (TLC) Ghana.

TLC is an online Akan language school, established by Emmanuel Buabeng in June 2020, to teach the Twi and Fante languages.

Lessons are delivered on Zoom with the majority of our students representing Ghanaians in the diaspora, namely from the USA and the UK that want to learn their mother tongue.

Classes start from beginners (level 1), intermediate (level 2) to advanced (level 3), and are delivered through professional tutors in structured and informal lessons using videos and lesson notes.

Students can choose from group or one-on-one lessons or opt for in-person classes in Accra. There are classes for children aged from five years old upwards too.

“Twi is the most widely spoken language in Ghana and therefore plays an important role in Ghanaian culture," Emmanuel said.

"In the next five years, TLC’s goal is to help at least 1,000 people to express themselves in Twi and Fante and equip students with the necessary skills to communicate with other Twi and Fante speakers worldwide.”

Find out more about them here:

Competition time

TLC is offering a 15% discount to new learners on its beginner (level 1) course, which consists of 10 lessons. To be in with a chance of winning,

1. Tell us your name and where you are from [city/town].

2. In your Ghanaian Mother Tongue, tell us why you like speaking in your Mother Tongue.

3. Repeat the sentence in English.

4. [Optional] If you can, please write out the sentence out in your Mother Language.

Please see an example below:

5. Email your audio/written sentence to and specify which prize you would like.

6. Prize winners must agree to post a review of their prize/ book or service.

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