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Profile: AiST Universal Keyboard

Updated: Mar 16

To mark International Motherland Language Day on 21 February, we are inviting people fluent or learning a Ghanaian language to tell us why they love speaking their language.

We are showcasing some of the Ghanaian language learning organisations we are working with to promote this important initiative.

The AiST Universal Keyboard started off with one question - why are the Ɔ and Ɛ missing from the qwerty keyboard.

The device was established in 2016 by founder Kofi Asiedu-Berchie in his quest to provide multilinguals, teachers, lecturers, reporters, product designers, translators, writers, journalists, librarians and educators with a literacy tool.

“The keyboard tool translates in 89 languages from the Niger-Congo language root, and is the first Afrikan keyboard with a dictionary. It actually has two (Akan and English),” said Kofi, who is also a trained systems engineer.

“Language sticks in the mind better when it is spoken or written and this keyboard allows you to practise our lexicon in our native languages. This will allow more Afrikans to connect to the e-commerce platforms and connect with others in their own languages.”

Learn more about AiST Universal Keyboards here:

Competition time

The AiST Universal Keyboard is also available for use on mobiles and tablets as well as on PCs. The company is giving away one keyboard to a lucky winner.

1. Tell us your name and where you are from [city/town].

2. In your Ghanaian Mother Tongue, tell us why you like speaking in your Mother Tongue.

3. Repeat the sentence in English.

4. [Optional] If you can, please write out the sentence out in your Mother Language.

Please see an example below:

5. Email your audio/written sentence to and specify which prize you would like.

6. Prize winners must agree to post a review of their prize/ book or service.

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