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Ghanaian illustrator needs your help

The guy (pictured left) behind such powerful and thought-provoking images as these, needs your help to raise funds for urgent liver surgery.

His name is Ray Styles (Emmanuel Apraku) and he is the talent behind @PenciledCelebrities, which skillfully captures and communicates social commentary, world events and celebrities with the stroke of a pencil.

Ray needs live-saving surgery on his liver and his friend Kwadwo Bediako has set up a GoFundMe page to help. Click here to support him.

I had the pleasure of interviewing him in 2016 where he talked about his passion for drawing and his desire to support other talented African artists.

"I get a lot of aspiring artists from Ghana and Nigeria asking me to be their mentor. There are talented Ghanaians that can draw beyond my understanding. But no one has heard of them yet because they do not have that exposure or anyone who can help them brand it," he told

“What I am doing is opening that door and inspiring these artists to think that they don’t have to just do African art. They should be able to do all kinds of art.”

Let's help him to continue making a difference by giving our support with donations or sharing the post.

* All images were taken from the original article where permission from Ray Styles was granted.*

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