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Help raise money for Central Region orphanage

An Accra-based charity will be visiting children at an orphanage that was formerly a prayer camp in Ghana's Central Region this Easter.

The My Help-My Help Foundation is due to visit the Graceland Needy Home Orphanage in Awutu-Bawjiase in the Central Region, on 16 April and will deliver essential supplies to the children there.

The former prayer camp was transformed into an orphanage in 2020 and currently houses 100 children aged between one and 17 years old.

The orphanage operates with only two completed dormitories - three are still in progress but through the Foundation's fundraising activities, it is hoped that donations will cover the cost of roofing the other three.

The orphanage is manned by 10 staff - five teaching staff and five non-teaching staff but staff wages remain low, the orphanage's founder, Grace Wobell told the Foundation. The longest-serving staff member is paid GH150 a month, while the remaining staff receive either GH100 or GH70, Mrs Wobell said.

The Foundation's planned visit aims to extend some love and supplies to the children and will include:

• roofing their uncompleted dormitories

• supplying food

• distributing stationery

• supplying school uniforms (sea blue and white)

• providing second-hand clothing

• distributing buckets

• supplying soaps, pomades, and toothpaste

You can also support financially or in kind by contacting: +233(0)244-982-036 or click here to donate: MyHelp- YourHelp Foundation

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