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Lifebedis channels positive vibes

Updated: Oct 23, 2022

Storytelling is the lifeblood of writer Lifebedis aka Patrick Ofosu.

Patrick © Lifebedis

His body of work, under the moniker Aba Springs (the seed springs), includes poetry, expressions of thought, photography and music.

Lifebedis is a web publisher, and a learning and ad-hoc scribbler, and narrator of stories.

His work channels positive, thought-provoking stories, poems, and general musings.

My favourite is 'Deh Dare', which starts with so much vim:

"Bare commotion in the air, the stench as people zombiefied in the streets. Making sense of the tumultuous clouds in today's living. At a traffic stop, a souped up Mercedes G Wagon zoomed by, as if, at the races going for a pole position price.........."

Follow him on Instagram and Twitter: lifebedis

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