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Making social impact through film

A social impact film organisation, located in Accra, is using films and documentaries to raise public awareness on issues linked to female empowerment, gender equality, health, sanitation and climate change.

The original CKG team in 2016

Country Kode Ghana (CKG) was established in 2016, and focuses on five of the United Nations Sustainable Development goals linked to health, human right, sanitation, governance and climate, according to CKG founder Seth Otoo.

Women in Ghana have suffered sexual harassment over the years from male bosses or peers. The YouTube video ‘Kiss Me Or Lose Your Job’, created by CKG in 2018, was designed to raise awareness of this issue. The video generated 4.4k views on YouTube.

CKG produced ‘The Only Way’ – an almost seven-minute video that warned against open defecation and encouraged the public to install household toilets by contacting the Accra Metropolitan Assembly. The charity is currently looking for funds to support the production of its latest film ‘Polluter Pay Principle.’

This production will be a horror film that looks at the impact of waste management in the city.

CKG has a five-member board that includes over 100 actors, actresses and technical professionals.

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