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New children’s rhyming book debuts

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

An award-winning British-Ghanaian book blogger and copywriter, who spent five years focusing on books written by black authors, has started her own career as an author.

Madeline Wilson-Ojo

Madeline Wilson-Ojo decided to branch into book writing as part of a desire to pass on her love for storytelling to her son.

Her new children’s rhyming book Suma & Oko and The Stupendous Pot of Okra Soup is a book about twin Black British eight-year-olds from south London, and their cooking adventures and promotes positive messages about intergenerational interaction within the home.

This book follows Suma, Oko and the rest of the family as they begin their first of many adventures to Auntie Edem’s shop to pick up a few ingredients. They will then go back home to cook a pot of okra soup with their parents.

The book takes the reader on a journey about the importance of family time and instils pride in cultural food

“The book takes the reader on a journey about the importance of family time and instils pride in cultural food,” says Madeline. “Every day is an opportunity for them to learn something new. Today’s lessons are about teamwork and the importance of family.”

The book is suitable for children aged between four and six years old. It uses rhyme to help young readers enhance their phonics and pronunciation and features eye-catching illustration to engage young readers.

Madeline Wilson-Ojo

The book features diverse characters with names not many are familiar with. This opens up readers to a new culture and enriches their learning experience. The recipe at the back means the whole family can engage with the book.

Madeline says: “It has been found that children who feel engaged and connected in their family dynamic are more likely to be sociable, perform better in school and have less behavioural issues.”

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