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Opinion: The Villager Speaks

"Where is the African freedom fighter? Where are the African nationalists and patriots of yesteryear who sacrificed everything for country and Mother Africa, never tiring of the struggle? Where are those braves few who spoke for us all with charisma and eloquence against the hypocrisy of globalization by showing the evidence of the power gap and moral bankruptcy of so-called western leadership; advocates of this alleged global village."

The Villager, a Ghana-based blogsite, asks these questions and more in this powerful opinion piece entitled: 'Why Africa is asleep'. Click the title or the image to keep reading.

About The Villager

The Villager aims to achieve a movement of unbiased young Africans informed by educational material about our history and heritage removed from political mischief.

The collective is informed from history to be sober enough to hope to achieve "a revolution of the mind" that will ensure the governed are informed, empowered and engaged.

The Villager uncovers unknown, forgotten and deliberately distorted details about Ghana’s history to give this generation a more informed perspective about who, what and why.

To help citizens be informed, empowered and engaged in national affairs by sharing historical educational content. Africa's mental revolution begins here. #History4Change

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