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Screenless cell phone set to launch in 2023

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Serial entrepreneur Danny Manu has created a screenless cellular phone credited as being the first of its kind in the world.

Danny Manu © Danny Manu

Presented on TV programme BBC Click, the new Mymanu® Titan earbuds feature voice-activation and eSIM-technologies, that allow users to access their contacts, make calls, and send texts and more, just as they would their phone.

“As Titan will be equipped with eSIM tech, Titan becomes a phone," a Mymanu® spokesman said. "You can then sync your Titan profile with your phone carrier profile so you can access all your online information like contacts or Spotify streams."

Mymanu® Titan © Danny Manu

It is anticipated that the Titan will be launched at the annual trade show held at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Winchester, Nevada, United States between 5 Jan 2023 and Sun, 8 Jan 2023.

Mymanu® Titan © Danny Manu

“It’s been my passion to create accessible products that genuinely help and enrich people’s everyday lives and I believe this product is going to do just that,” Mymanu® founder and ceo Danny Manu said.

In 2017, Danny launched Mymanu® Clik+ true-wireless earphone that offer live translation capabilities in over 37 languages and feature 2-BA drivers.

Danny released the first truly wireless earbuds with 2- Balanced Armature (BA) drivers, which are the smallest type of headphone drivers typically found in in-ear monitors.

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