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Ten ways we can help to curb climate change

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

In the last few years, global temperatures have been consistently among the hottest on record. In 2019, the earth’s surface temperature was around 0.95 Celsius degrees warmer than the 20th century average, according to data from organisation Statista.

The global anomaly in surface temperature is thought to be the cause of an increase in sea level, a decrease in arctic ice and the growing number of weather-related catastrophes, including storms, floods and drought. Read more here.

Tackling these climate change effects seem to be an insurmountable task for the everyday person but Yaa Frempomaa has gathered 10 ways that we can play our part. She shares the first two below.


Mangroves (not Kpeshie) © Bishnu Sarangi - Pixabay

Did you know that mangroves, such as the ones in Kpeshie, Accra, are nature’s way of storing carbon? By storing carbon, it prevents it from being released into the atmosphere where it contributes to global warming. Mangroves are also essential in maintaining water quality and flood prevention because their dense network of roots and surrounding vegetation, filter and trap sediments, heavy metals, and other pollutants.

But mangroves such as those found at the Kpeshie Lagoon in the La-Dade-Kotopon area of Accra are under threat. There are plans to develop houses and a recreational centre on the land and this has prompted local residents to fight back with a petition to stop these changes.

Kpeshie Lagoon, where the mangroves are situated, is located on a low lying plain between Teshie Rasta Rd corridor, on the eastern side and the Ghana International Trade Fair corridor. It has served as a fishing ground for residents and has four wetlands with various inlets. Despite the Lagoon being designed as a protected site in Ghana, pollution has meant the third and fourth wetland segments are now extinct.

Here are three ways you can help.

  1. Write a letter to the Council and respond to La Dade Kotopon Municipal District's application by posting your opposition to the Application for Change of Use of Site from Mangrove (Protected Coastal Water Front Zone) to Mixed Use' to: Physical Planning Department, L Dade-Kotopon Municipal Assembly, P.O. Box 395, La-Accra.

  2. Sign the 'Save the Kpeshie Lagoon from destruction' petition.

  3. Support organisations in Ghana such as development NGO Mangrove Ghana. It has a primary focus on climate change, afforestation, food security, gender, and the use of ICT in agriculture and health. The NGO also supports small scale farmers to increase their agricultural productivity.


Agriculture is the sole provider of human food. Most farm machines are driven by fossil fuels, which contribute to greenhouse gas emissions and, in turn, accelerate climate change. Such environmental damage can be mitigated by the promotion of renewable resources such as solar, wind, biomass, tidal, geo-thermal, biofuels and wave-generated power, Springer.

Dried fruit (not from Yayra) © Framania - Pixabay

Renewable energy - biomass, geothermal, hydroelectric, solar, and wind power - can produce electricity for heating, lighting, and fuel. Support companies that are using green energy forms to produce our food and are cutting down on energy miles such as Yvaya Farms, a Ghana-based agro-processing firm, producing fruit snacks.

Watch out for the next installment of how we can play our part in tackling climate change.

Interested in environmental issues?

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