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Want a skincare brand that supports sustainability in Ghana?

Join our podcast club and support a Black business that is positively impacting Ghanaians AND encouraging the worldwide use of natural African products.

© Meet Angus Klufio, founder of Akoma International

Akoma International (UK) works with communities in Ghana’s Upper East Region to promote sustainable ways that they can make a living from their natural skincare products.

Established by founder Angus Klufio in 2006, Akoma International (UK) collaborates with communities in Bolgatanga to produce and process a range of products, including raw Shea butter, palm oil, coconut oil, cocoa butter and black soap.

© A range of Akoma International (UK)'s products

Akoma International (UK)’s raw Shea butter and black soap is certified Fairtrade Foundation which means all our workers are paid a fair price. The raw Shea butter is also certified by Cosmos and The Soil Association, which guarantees that the products are organic and natural.

Supporting a sustainable skincare brand

AKADi Magazine is collaborating with Akoma International (UK) to ensure that lovers of sustainable skincare product lovers, like you, get even greater access to this skincare range.

For the next 12 months, subscribers to AKADi Magazine’s Podcast Plus+ receive a 20% discount on all AKOMA Skincare’s online products. A code will be sent to each subscriber once they join the club here, allowing them to buy from their product range.

Shea butter village

Akoma International (UK) works with Ghana-based NGO Akoma Cooperative Multipurpose Society to manufacture and import the best-quality natural products to the UK.

The Cooperative employs women in the community who harvest, and prepare the raw ingredients that go into making the butters, oils and soap in a way that does not disturb the local ecosystem.

A woman making Shea butter for © Akoma International

Akoma International (UK) has a facility in the village of Pusu-Namogo that produces over 100 tonnes of Shea butter a year, of which 20 tonnes is certified organic. The facility can produce around eight tonnes of Shea butter a day and has the storage capacity for approximately 12,000 bags of Shea nuts.

As well as its all-natural skincare range, the Cooperative also produces Bolga baskets.

Akoma means heart in Ghana's Akan languages and the company aims to create a brand that is Ghanaian owned.

Building communities

The Co-operative aims is to help the community to improve their job prospects, education, and health, while also supporting the creation of a brand that is Ghanaian owned.

Akoma International (UK) has been building warehouses to support farmers’ harvests in four local villages as well as paying for health insurance for all the women that work in the Cooperative.

Other initiatives include supporting children’s education and developing facilities for the youngsters over the next five years that include building a library, information technology centre, and supplying desks and school equipment.

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