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Author debuts second children's picture book

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

‘Suma & Oko and The Great Garden Adventure’ is an early years rhyming book written to celebrate Black children, and encourage bonding between children and the adults who live with them.

Written by British-Ghanaian author Madeline Wilson-Ojo, the book follows twin eight-year-olds from south London called Suma and Oko.

"The pair are bored with nothing to do but their dad has a brilliant plan that sees them on an adventure in the garden that includes the children making an apple crumble," she writes.

“Put on your boots, bring your imagination and join the family as they go on a new action-packed adventure in the garden,” Madeline says.

“Wash your hands, roll up your sleeves, and put on an apron, because this book includes a yummy apple crumble recipe for both adults and children to try together.”

‘Suma & Oko and The Great Garden Adventure’ is designed to make reading fun and help young readers learn sounds and spelling.

Madeline Ojo-Wilson
Madeline Wilson-Ojo

The book features vibrant illustrations designed to capture action in the story, promote Ghanaian-British cultural identity, and explain the origin of Suma and Oko's names. There is also an apple crumble recipe from a real-life pastry chef included.

About the author

Madeline decided to branch into book writing as part of a desire to pass on her love for storytelling to her son.

Her debut children’s rhyming book 'Suma & Oko and The Stupendous Pot of Okra Soup' follows the pair and the rest of the family as they begin their first of many adventures to Auntie Edem’s shop to pick up a few ingredients. They then go back home to cook a pot of okra soup with their parents.

And check out our interview with Madeline on our Bookplate Ghana segment here.

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