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DRUM: A play about James Barnor and Mike Eghan

Updated: Nov 26, 2023

The play 'DRUM' depicts a real-life but reimagined meeting in 1967 between photographer James Barnor & BBC DJ Mike Eghan.

Created by Our Day Media and performed at the Omnibus Theatre, the play was a chance to explore themes around identity and migration ad meet the cast and director.

If you follow our podcast 'Connecting Communities' on AKADi Magazine, you'll be one of the first to hear the entire interview, which airs on 6 May.

You can also hear our interview with the man himself, James Barnor, talking about his early beginnings in photography and rubbing shoulders with Ghana's first president and others.

Listen to our interview with James Barnor here.

To listen to more content like this, visit our monthly AKADi Magazine Connecting Communities Podcast , listen to all of our podcasts here:

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