Save Atewa Forest's frogs

Atewa Forest Reserve in Ghana's Eastern Region is a haven to diverse frog species as well as being home to the country’s rarest primates, birds, plants and insects.

It is also under threat from planned bauxite mining which is why a collective of national and international organisations are suing the Ghanaian government in a bid to stop these plans. Read more here.

Among the frog species is:

Ghana Reed Frog (Hyperolius fusciventris) © Rapid Assessment Programm

Some of these frogs are on a critically endangered list.

They include:

Leopard frog (Kassina arboricola) © Piotr Naskrecki

Conraua derooi (Togo Slippery frog) © Piotr Naskrecki
Conraua derooi © Piotr Naskrecki

But there are also this new species

Ptychadena aff. aequiplicata © Herp Ghana

And this possible new species.

Leptopelis aff. macrotis ©

Find out more about A Rocha Ghana.

And if you would like to support the charity, here are three ways.

1. Send a letter to the President of Ghana - find out how to do so here.

2. A Rocha Ghana is petitioning the President of Ghana to turn Atewa into a national park. You can sign the petition here.

3. Donate - if you can - by going over to A Rocha's donations page.

And watch out for our next Atewa Forest post on our aquatic life.

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